The goals and vision of the organization

The expansion of the enterprise activity across the Kingdom
Provide the best possible service to our valued customers

It was thankfully our business been founded in Mecca – Saudi Arabia since 1404H under the son name of its founder Eng. Ziyad Mohammed Samrkandy and started as contractors dependent contacts of the Holy City to implement all the telephony projects under the management of an independent eager to develop and progress and provide better services. Ziyad Foundation established in 1984 by its founder and current CEO Eng. Mohammed S Samrkandy, ZIYADTEL.

žIt has more than 30 years of experience in the fields of CCTV, Telecom, Telephone System and Transmission, Excavation works and Civil works. It has successfully completed projects in these area with a variety of clients locally and internationally. Ziyadtel had its work recently to constructions based on high demand concerning the country’s development. Ziyadtel has initiated its first architectural division 6 years ago and successfully completed building 18 floors based hotel, and currently working on 13 three floors houses plus a 14 floors hotel.

žOur key of success is to aim on contributing and transferring the latest technology and development to our country, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The founder Eng. Mohammed Samrkandy Telecom contracted with many government agencies, businesses and a lot of citizens to carry out their own projects in the field of communications.

As we thankfully we consider one of the first specialized in the field of telecommunications and private fiber optic networks institutions.

He started acting architectural Contracting since 1430 and thankfully take this activity to grow gradually and God grant us success and the confidence of our customers in the implementation of our audit was the number two hotel towers in Mecca.

Solidarity with the company

The Foundation has built a comprehensive cooperation with many local and international companies a relationship, as Ziyad Telecommunications Corporation succeeded in creating a strong local market in the following areas:


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