Building Management System – BMS at Ziyad Telecom & Construction

Building management system is the monitoring, operation and control of all the activities of the building system (buildings) or (established) centrally.

It Also ensure monitoring and control of all electro-mechanical loads
Ventilation and Air Conditioning, Heating and administration lifts
Linking mainstream cameras and surveillance systems, sounds and alarm system for theft
Login alarm system for fire control system and connect all the systems to the administrative center.

  • The important features of building management system – BMS:
    • Air conditioning, cooling, ventilation and HVAC control.
    • Lighting management.
    • Gates, elevators and conveyor belts.
    • Pumps and motor control.
    • Billing of consumed water system (hot or cold) from investors such as restaurants.
    • Billing system of electricity consumed by investors.
    • Fire alarm and control systems put out the fire.
    • Monitoring and control fuel and water tanks.
    • Security systems and protection from theft.
    • CCTV surveillance cameras.
    • Login to the building control system (fingerprint or the card).
    • Monitoring and control generators and network mainboard.
  • The direct application of the BMS benefits:
    • Savings in energy consumption (fuel + electricity) up to 30% with the possibility of cost recovery starting from five months!
    • Savings in cables.
    • Keep indoor air quality at the lowest cost.
    • Increase the operational life of the equipment, ventilation and air-conditioning and heating HVAC.
    • Increase the operational life of the lighting devices through optimum operation.
    • Reduce the number of operators needed for operations management.
    • Control valves cold and hot water.
    • Control cases of air filters.
    • The exact timing for starting and stopping the work required by the control systems.
    • Determine the work program Daily Weekly Monthly Yearly.
    • Get the alarms and crash reports in real time.
    • Economic work according to the external air conditions.

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