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About Ziyad Est.

It was Established our business in the city of Mecca since 1404

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Ziyadtel Services

Telephone networks

Ziyad Est. provides all telephone systems projects services. More

Security Camera

Ziyad Est. provides and install all types of camera with flexible prices. More

Building Management System

Ziyad Est. provides Building Management System (BMS) to private and public sectors. More

Security System

Ziyad Est. provides all the protection systems services. More

Retention Wall

Ziyad Est. provides full structure designed retention wall to most construction works. More

Excavation Work

Ziyad Est. provides most and all excavation work and extension cabling services. More

Road Bloacker

Ziyad Est. provides all road blocker services. More


Ziyad Est. provides all designing and construction work to all sectors. More

Ziyad Est. Telecom contracted with many government agencies
The companies and a lot of citizens to carry out their own projects in the field of communications.

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