Road Blockers at Ziyad Telecom & Construction

The Foundation works in Road Blockers and Security Barriers for private sectors and the one authorized to use the security services

Supply, installation and maintenance of fenders and security barriers
Provide training for the most important information for road blockers and security barriers
Linking security services system to BMS
Competitive prices with Ziyadtel Est.

Types of Road Blockers and Security Barriers:

  • Hydraulic Road Blockers
    • Road Blockers hydraulics designed for sites with heavy guard and also based on the flow of traffic.
  • Road Spike Barrier
    • Spike security barriers designed to prevent and reverse traffic congestion and are repelled reflective compounds also are easy to be installed at the site.
  • Gate Opener Electronic Security Barrier
    • Gate Opener Electronic Security Barrier is designed for speed and flexibility most frequently used to regulate traffic operations and full control of entrances and exits and has a remote control feature delicate and closely connected Alkntrul property.
  • Vertical fenders security
    • Security vertical fenders are designed to regulate the roads and entrances and exits pedestrians and vehicles and are easy to use and installed.

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